At first of all we take a look on an all-embracing consulting for our customers, so we evaluate in the run-up cost, space of time and possible problems, what could occur during a project, to posit the foundation stone for successful realisation.

Preparation of a solid concept stays with OSUA at the commencement of every project, that guaranties an optimal implementation of your wishes and objectives, also an aborning customizing of the project defaults, render a competitive and efficient work of a high class afterwards.

By the use of a precise breakdown of the consisting requirements situation and a proximate priorisation of purpose, we affiliat the option for action with best cost-value ratio in a budget and projectplan.

    OSUA customizing comprized:
  • Concept building
  • requirements analysis
  • clear position of project demands
  • choosing course of action
  • time management
  • budget management
  • project management