Advantages of OSUA project management is visualize in fast and straightforward advancement trough coverage the milestones. In all steps of realisation we use Documentations in the form of intentions, shemes, printouts and status reports to brief about the project estate.

Transparency for the customer has a high value in OSUA in project management, eminently this mirrors itself in our plans about project configuration and project flow, as well as in our documentation about project management and project control.

Avert to be a worry to your project, profit from the OSUA teams expert knowledge in project management.

Satisfy yourself in our mellow quality assurance standards across the whole period of development.

To deliver within the agreed time is a grist of OSUA project management, so we define quality also trough due-process of projects in wich we wrapped.

    OSUA project management, the red thread remains:
  • Unambiguous definition of the project demands
  • Structuralisation of the project tasks
  • Preparation of a temporal design
  • Project control
  • Documentation of the communication
  • Running transparence of the project progress
  • Documentation of the project results