Your submitted specifications or the drafts developed with strategy discussions are moved to OSUA. The first step is to describe the textual construction of the respective application in a coarse draft. As usually you get a definition for the functional demands of the separate components.

Which technology should be used and whether a standard software wich is available in the market must be adapted or a new system be developed, will be decided within the framework of the design.

You can convince yourselves of our mature quality assurance-standards throughout the the whole development.

    You can take up the following technologies:
  • Java , J2EE , Java Servlets , JSP , EJBs
  • VB , ASP
  • XML
  • C , C++ , C#
  • PL/SQL
  • PHP
    In the follow systems know the ropes:
  • BEA WebLogic , IBM Websphere , Jarkarta
  • Oracle , IBM DB2 , SQL Server
  • Apache , Internet Information Server
  • Unix , Linux , Windows - NT , 2000