The lack of own know-how as well as the high wages of programmers and integration developers in Germany sets the business under pressure. "Greencard" programmers did not bring the expected solution for the flexible wishes of the industry in a programming field. These facts convinced us to offer outsourcing as


to the in-house software development.

23 reasons, why outsourcing makes sense:

Outsourcing helps

  • Solution and conversion of your IT questions with the newest innovations in the hard- and software area
  • Optimal concentration on your core competence
  • Variable of your fixed expenses
  • Project orientation with maximally motivated service providers
  • Release of work and cost expensive areas
  • High performance to an accurately arranged price
  • Flexibility by the market adaptation in the IT area
  • Loosening of rigid salary structures
  • More successful products by high cooperation degree

Outsourcing offers

  • The chance to restructuring
  • For necessary free space in the advancement
  • Of differentiation in the contest
  • For small and medium-size enterprises to concentrate on account of their natural "slim line" upon the development of the core deal
  • To be flexibly and powerfully on a long-term basis in the market
  • To carry out a know-how change with much shorter growing innovation cycles and taking place technology jumps quickly and demand-oriented

Outsourcing avoids

  • Coasts for employees
  • Training expenses
  • Overexpenditure
  • The engagement of high-paid IT specialists
  • Manpower shortage in the IT area
  • Luxurious hardware
  • Investment costs and update expenses
  • Conversion problems with other offices

Outsourcing does sense, since Outsourcing is always an innovation cooperation.