How do you start a project?

Everything begins with your imagination of your project. If you already have fixed details, we will in addition create our offer.

  • Kick off meetings with the project partners to analyse the demands and definitions of the project
  • Formulation of strategic aims; setting priority to the aims
  • Demand analysis and competition analysis to the definition of the demands
  • Production of an obligation exercise book (if demanded)
  • Procurement, structuralisation, installation and configuration of inevitably Soft- and hardware
  • Technical realization
  • Execution of system tests
  • Project management and consulting for the whole project period

Do you work for fixed prices?

This is our prior aim. Thus planning can be safely produced for both sides. With new co-ordinations during the phase project, prices are tuned according to the new reality.

How can I supervise the development?

Vote appointments and vote modality are arranged with the project start. This way you have to your demand the state of the development under control.

Which project-demands do you need?

There are several possibilities: if you only have initial ideas and imaginations, we will develope together with you all the specific details and tasks. The more specified requirements you have worked out, the faster we can go to the practical conversion. There will always be enough possibilities to discuss details.

Who is the Owner of the Sourcecode?

All rights concerning the project will be go to the employer after satisfying completion of the project.

Do we create program documentations?

Program documentations are always provided, for the user and the employer principal, printed as well as on-line.

Do you also create seperate modules?

We do this very much gladly. Test programs and modules enable a good possibility to enter long-term cooperations. This way you can become acquainted with your partner and get to know each others qualities.

How and when is paiment due?

According to the project volume a fixed pre-payment is performed. With longer running projects, partial payments are payable in intervals wich will be agreed prior, in each case.

Do you possess an assurance for quality?

In co-ordinated phases intermediate tests are carried out. Before the software is delivered it goes through a quality security cycle. Special quality demands are arranged with the employce in the advance. Should mistakes, nevertheless, appear with the implementing of the software which were caused by us, we will of course repair these immediately and free of charge. After the final decline we are available with an extensive Support program adjusted on demand.